All about show

A while ago I devoted one of my entries to one of John Oliver’s stands up (yet seated) . I had a lot of fun listening to his opinions on Science reporting and sharing them with you all. Today I get back to the topic in a more reflexive way, that of Jonathan Wolff, the UCL philosopher and op-ed columnist for The Guardian.


Jonathan Wolff, from University College London, in his official portrait for The Guardian

I feel the upmost respect for these guys who are capable of applying  reasoning against mainstream thinking (if current trends are a result of thought and not mere  excuses to support the economic stablishment, you know). My dear Benoît Godin (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Quebec) and Michael Strevens (New York University) also have my esteem because both are people able to take their time at examining the (usually taken for granted) rule and deny or confirm it’s validity. Amazing people.

Pay attention to Jonathan Wolff and then, please, think, just think.

Sorry to bother you once again with such a boring protest.


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